Interview with Dr. Geeti Sen published in IIC Quarterly Summer 2004

I was lucky enough to hold my first solo-exhibition in India International Centre in New Delhi, which is  a prestigious cultural centre in India. Dr. Geeti Sen, the chief editor of the journal 'IIC Quarterly' at that time, led an interview with me about my works, based not only on her profound understanding of aesthetics and art history, but also on her subtle perception of my works. The Interview begins with her comments on my works.

'' These pictures are possessed of a deeply meditative quality, as though they follow and impart your philosophical ideas. They nurture principles of life and of nature. They seem to be imbued with layers of meaning - also the technique seems to be complex and layered....''

Interview with Dagmar Frick-Islitzer, published in the exhibition handbook 'Kunst kann' 2020

Dagmar Frick-Islitzer, the leader of the project 'Künstlerbrille (Artist's Glasses)' interviewed me, as a part of the project, focusing on the theme of artistic way of thinking and working in the creative process. She asked questions like what asiatic values flow into my works, in what context I believe that arts have an influence on the society or how I begin my work, or how I recognize in my painting process that I am on the right path. 

 ''Intense concentration comes from the process itself. In the beginning it is very difficult. It means physically working. I have to develop many lines and forms in a dialogical process. When a certain will emerges from the autonomous life of painting, the process will guide itself, like a child growing up with his or her own will. In this process I can concentrate well, but without intention. It is about immersion....''

If you like to read the interview in German original language, please CLICK HERE.