Documentation: Process 



The six-weeks of residency in Spain linger a lot in this painting. A singer-songwriter from New York whom I met during the residency is the subject matter of the painting. We could understand each other deeply and she let me take pictures of her nudity and draw it. The purpose of my project was to observe how her image, which I took as a subject, changes in the space of the painting through the creative process, and what kind of story the painting tells about her when it visually reaches its final stage. The painting began with several drawings of her in life size on the picture screen. But as the process progressed, the figures gradually disappeared and a kind of landscape began to unfold. I remembered the friendly warm air of the summer when I met this friend, and her singing voice that is beautifully soft and musically controlled, remained strongly in my mind. I appreciated her music a lot. However, I hoped on the other hand, while I was painting, that she could break the border of the coordinated beauty in her music in order to go beyond. I think, my wish for myself has been projected onto her; the last thing that is left after the external image has been broken apart is really me. With the hope to catch the true image of that friend, I decided to document how her appearance changes throughout the process. Because the composition of the painting fell apart again and again, the painting seems to reveal the appearance of winter. The following photos show the stages of a painting process.