Participating in the Project 

Artists' Glasses

Visualizing and Conveying Artists' Thinking and Working Attitude

About the Project

The project ARTISTS' GLASSES, initiated and led by  Dagmar Frick-Islitzer from Kubus Kulturvermittlung in Liechtenstein, 

  aims at visualising the potential of artists strength for the adults so that they can experience and use them. Typical artistic competences are the handling of open, insecure and non-projectable situations. For the artistic positions twelve artists are invited; from each country - Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and South Tyrol - three artists from each country. I was asked to participate in the project by Mag. Franz Moser, the educational director of the Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt (catholic adult education centre), the Austrian partner institution of the project.   The walk-through mediation and learning platform was conceived in the form of exhibition, for which three elements were asked from each artist: 
- A work of art
- Interview 
- A "try-out station" as part of a learning course, where visitors can experience particular artistic competences themselves 


The task for all artists was to make their personal, artistic process perceptible and
tangible and to make it accessible to a broad target audience. While I worked on the painting ''Children of the Earth'', which I started out of my personal despair, I dealt with the inspiration and will that would transform the despair to life-energy.
If you like to read the artist's note that was written in the midst of the process, please CLICK HERE. 

Learning Station

My learning station aimed to practice mindfulness and intuitive communication with the medium. Drawing at this station used the traditional Korean brush, water and special practice paper where the trace of water stay only till it dries up. It was about being able to experience that the media are not simply inanimate objects, but have their own organic life and have their own part in the artistic process. As a result, it is not completely planned and plannable. This learning station suggested that work of art spring not only from an intellectual effort or from planning, but also primarily from being mindfully present in the moment.


If you like to watch the Video of my Interview, please CLICK HERE. You can also read the transcription of the full interview.